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EION is the only leading global networking vendor offering a feature-rich, portable, high-performance, platform-independent IP enabled software solution. EION delivers full-featured network protocol support for IP infrastructure applications. Read more>>

Looking for a complete IP platform environment? EION has created the Cirrus, Cumulus, and Status embedded IP platforms complete with hardware compatibility and real-time operating system interoperability. Find out which one is appropriate for your needs.
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EION provides the broadest line of IP solutions for data and voice over satellite, wired and wireless networks. EION solutions empower network devices to distribute intelligence anywhere and everywhere. Today, EION's IP solutions are the underpinnings of flagship products from industry leaders that drive the Internet. Read more>>

A distinguishing feature of EIONís industry-leading solutions is a comprehensive set of customer-focused services designed to maximize your ROI and R&D effectiveness. From implementation support to our customer certification process, EIONís IP networking software experts work directly with you to provide the guidance, support, and training. Read more>>

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Ottawa, Canada; July 2, 2009
EION Wireless Acquires Systems Integrator Layer10

Ottawa, Canada; November 11, 2008
EION Receives 2008 IEEE Award for IP Solutions Over Satellite, Wired, and Wireless Networks

Ottawa, Canada, September 8, 2008
EION CEO Recognized by ICOBC

Ottawa, Canada; August 28, 2008
Bringing real-time and embedded computing technical experts to the doorstep of your engineering community
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Today, many have attempted to provide multimedia services using IP over Satellite communication infrastructure. The traffic complexity and real-time constraints of the multimedia services pose challenges to guarantee the delivery of packets end-to-end. This challenge is enhanced ...Learn more>>

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