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EION provides the broadest line of IP solutions for data and voice over satellite, wired, and wireless networks.

Today, the IP industry is shifting from the capacity-centric business model to the profitable service-centric business model. In order to grind profits out of an end-to-end IP service, the Internet should seamlessly possess distributed service and network intelligence. The combination of software intelligence and high-performance hardware gives the flexibility to deliver profitable value-add services.

EION provides a range of IP solutions that will ensure the network is secure, reliable, scalable, and flexible to deliver maximum real-time performance.

EION is an industry leader in delivering mission-critical IP solutions for Telecom and Defense equipment manufacturers. EION has the world's leading IP solution portfolio that enables: Routing (IPv4, IPv6), Security, Quality of Service (QoS), MPLS, and related embedded IP technologies for satellite, wired and wireless networks. Over 120 equipment manufacturers already incorporate EION's real-time embedded software globally.

In today's Internet, EION technology is routing Terabytes of data everyday. EION's carrier grade solution has earned a reputation suitable for mission-critical defense and satellite networks. EION has established strong partnerships with major defense contractors in the United States.

EION is a registered member of the Control Goods Program of Government of Canada to facilitate work with the US defense industry and Space agencies globally. EION empowers network devices to distribute intelligence anywhere and everywhere. EION's IP solutions are the underpinnings of flagship products from industry leaders that drive the Internet.