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NRC, CATAAlliance Present Awards for Outstanding Technology Achievements

Ottawa, April 29, 2004: The winners of the 2004 CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership Awards were announced Monday night at the Smart City Summit Gala Dinner. The event is CATAAlliance's 19th Annual Innovation Awards Gala Dinner, held this year in conjunction with the National Research Council (NRC). CATA President John Reid praised the participation and partnership with the NRC, noting that "we are both strong advocates for the growth of the industry. These award winners have shown that they are innovators and skilled business people. We also recognize the NRC's record of achievement in fostering the creation of commercially successful enterprises. Together, we are creating a rich foundation of programs and initiatives that enable leading entrepreneurs to launch their products and exploit their new business opportunities.

The 2004 winners of the Canadian Innovation Awards in the following categories are:

Presented to a leading organization in the National Capital Region for an outstanding technology engineering development that has resulted in the production of a world-class product or family of products.

Having retired as Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman in August 2003, Dr. Straus currently holds the role of Founder Emeritus and Advisor to the CEO of JDS Uniphase Corporation, a worldwide leader in optical technology primarily for fiberoptic communications. Prior to JDS Fitel, Dr. Straus held various research and management positions with Bell Northern Research and Nortel.

Given in recognition of the recent launch of an innovative new product and its impact on the National Capital Region. Impact may be measured in economic terms, such as sales, exports and job creation, or in terms of significance to the region from a social or technological perspective.

Founded in 1993, Pronexus Inc. is a leader in Computer Telephony and Speech with over 3,500 customers worldwide. It is the developer of the award-winning VBVoice, and the new VBSALT, Rapid Application Development tools for business-critical telephony and speech solutions. Pronexus also provides VeoSuite, a range of turnkey speech applications and a complement of professional services that voice-enable a variety of industries and applications. Comprehensive support and acclaimed training complete the firm ís offerings.

Presented to an individual from the private sector in recognition of outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership that has significantly expanded the frontiers of the advanced technology industry.

Dr. Kalai had a distinguished 12-year career in Nortel Networks. He brings extensive experience in running a successful IP business. He successfully brought Nortel to the forefront as a global business with his business-savy of IP technology with an understanding of the needs of the global market. In Nortel, Dr. Kalaichelvan launched three successful start-up businesses. He demonstrated a superb ability to conceive, organize and execute each venture, delivering results within a short time frame.

This award is presented to a Canadian organization for an outstanding technology engineering development that has resulted in the production of a world-class product or family of products.

Using digital ID-based security to protect a national online census is a first among statistical agencies worldwide. The accountability and privacy to be provided by the Entrust Secure Identity Management Solution and SEAL will allows Statistics Canada to confidently move the national census online. Improving the efficiency of the process, decreasing the respondent burden and decreasing the cost of managing the process will all lead to increased service efficiencies for Canadian citizens.

This award is given in recognition of the recent launch of an innovative new product. Advanced technology products, technology-based services and products that utilize emerging technologies may be considered.

ModusGate installs in front of any email server on any network type and does not require special configuration or modifications in the other products you have already installed. ModusMail is a complete e-mail server with advanced security features providing up to 14 layers of protection. It receives, delivers and sends e-mail and filters it to avoid spam, viruses, blacklisted senders and forbidden attachments.

This award is presented to an individual from the private sector in recognition of outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership which has significantly expanded the frontiers of Canada's advanced technology industry.

David Martin is a recognized worldwide expert in distance collaboration and is the author of a number of articles and papers on working and learning at a distance. He is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience in hi-tech management and development.

This award is presented to an individual from the public sector to recognize a significant contribution to the development and application of advanced technology in Canada.

As Director for The York Region District School Board, Bill Hogarth manages one of Canada's largest and fastest growing public school boards with 163 elementary and secondary schools, overseeing the education of more than 100,000 students. The Board is dedicated to helping all students learn, and has continually demonstrated commitment to ensuring that every one has the opportunity to experience success. In province-wide testing, York Region students rank among the top-achievers in Ontario.

Awarded to a journalist or writer raising the public profile of science and technology and contributing to the building of a science and technology culture in Canada.

Mark Evans has been business reporter since 1986, and has covered the high-tech sector for the past nine years. He is currently senior technology reporter with the National Post, covering the telecom, internet and venture capital sectors. Before joining the Post in 2001, Mark co-founded Blanketware Corp., a software company focused on developing natural language search applications for corporate customers. Mark has also worked for the Globe & Mail, Bloomberg News and Hong Kong's South China Morning Post.

The Sara Kirke Award for Canada's Leading Woman High Tech Entrepreneur is presented to the woman who has shown the most outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership.

After graduating from Halifax-based Dalhousie University in Costume Studies in 1991, Tanya Shaw Weeks opened her own business as a seamstress. She soon recognized a worldwide opportunity in what was then an inescapable fact of life: It can be very difficult for women to find clothing that fits. She saw the need for custom-fit patterns and blazed the trail, realizing that computer technology was the way to get there. Currently, she is working to make custom-fit patterns available on a mass scale, to enable anyone who buys a piece of clothing to take advantage of the Unique solution.


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