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Nortel Networks Teams With Industry Leaders on Advanced Internet-Enabled Products

Nortel Networks' Open IP Environment Increases Momentum, Helps Deliver High-Performance Internet Equipment

OTTAWA - Nortel Networks* [NYSE/TSE: NT] announced that it is working with four industry leaders to develop advanced Internet-enabled products incorporating Nortel Networks' Open IP Environment routing software.

Hewlett-Packard Company's ProCurve Networking, network processor vendor Sitera, petabit router maker Hyperchip and embedded operating system vendor Enea OSE Systems plan to integrate Open IP Environment into their products.

Open IP Environment enables scalable, modular IP-based applications in a variety of devices and environments. Manufacturers can build next-generation network solutions using products from these four key vendors. With the integration of Open IP Environment and these products, manufacturers and developers will be able to design high-performance Internet solutions that are faster, more secure and more reliable.

"Open IP Environment is an important enabler of high-performance networks," said Kalai Kalaichelvan, general manager, Open IP Environment. "Together with these companies, Nortel Networks is providing customers with Internet functionality required for developing new networking applications based on open APIs. The integration of Open IP Environment with these leading-edge products makes possible especially powerful applications.

Mark Leary, vice president, International Data Corporation, added, "The success of Nortel Networks' Open IP Environment will be determined by the acceptance of the technology within the widest array of networked devices. Having these four vendors certainly bolsters Nortel Networks' ability to spread the wings - and the word - of Open IP Environment."

Nortel Networks' Open IP Environment architecture is modular and is designed to open standards and application programming interfaces (API) for IP functions such as routing, authentication, security, encapsulation and tunneling, as well as IP applications like policy, networking management and accounting.

Ron Westfall, senior analyst for the Current Analysis industry research group said, "Nortel Networks' Open IP Environment architecture enables developers to utilize the functions within the Open IP software that they need, while designing their own value-added functionality, in some cases even replacing similar functionality within Open IP. Open IP Environment enables routing software to be applied in a modular architecture, with APIs at multiple levels within the software's functionality, that address the full spectrum of the networking universe from handsets to high-end core routers."

Open IP Environment can Internet-enable everything from servers and networking processors to set top boxes, mobility devices, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and personal computers. Open IP Environment makes routing and IP software available to manufacturers, OEMs and developers, enabling them to quickly deliver new Internet applications and services at much lower cost. The modular architecture enables developers to choose features and capabilities based on the size and type of device to be IP-enabled (from PDAs to the largest and fastest routers), the environment in which the device will be used and the needs of the target users. Open IP is a big step toward building a more reliable, more secure, faster Internet and is driving a shift from expensive, complex "Old World" routers.

Nortel Networks has secured more than 200 licensing agreements regarding Open IP Environment since its launch in November 1999.


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