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EION Announces Ethernet Switching Software Solution for Broadcom® StrataXGS™ and StrataSwitch® II Product Lines

EION-Broadcom Integrated Solution Enables OEMs to Rapidly Deliver Ethernet Switching Devices

Ottawa Ontario, Canada - December 02, 2003: Seeking to address the growing Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) switch demand, EION is pleased to announce a ready-to-deploy Ethernet Switching Software solution designed specifically to support the Broadcom® StrataXGS™ and StrataSwitch® II product families. EION’s integrated Ethernet Switching Software solution is designed to enable OEMs to build Ethernet switches that are fault tolerant, with continuous availability. The combination of EION’s leading IP software and Broadcom’s leading enterprise switch silicon provi des OEMs with a complete switching solution for building high-performance Ethernet switching devices for enterprise networks.

“The challenge for many OEMs is defining the technology that they need while gathering the expertise and capabilities to implement and manage it,” said Kalai Kalaichelvan, CEO, EION Inc. “By wrapping an expanded suite of IP software around Broadcom’s advanced Ethernet switching silicon, we have created a new, high-performance Ethernet solution that easily addresses the expanding requirements for the GigE switching market,” added Kalaichelvan. “Ultimately, we are helping OEMs transform their portfolios into engines for business growth in this dynamic market.”

EION’s IP software suite, including Open IP Environment, has been integrated with Broadcom’s StrataSwitch II and StrataXGS product families and is immediately available for VxWorks and Linux (i.e. RedHat, Montavista, Mandrake). This combination of hardware and software allows OEMs to develop Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet systems faster and at reduced development costs.

“As a member of our Software Partner Ecosystem, EION’s software solutions present OEMs with production worthy choices, enabling a quick path and fast time-to-market when deploying products based on our market leading StrataXGS and StrataSwitch switching solutions,” said Martin Lund, Senior Director of Broadcom’s Enterprise Switching line of business. EION has the broadest range of portable IP software that enables scalable, modular IP-based applications in a variety of devices such as routers, switches, PDAs, cell phones, notebooks, Internet-enabled set-top boxes and so-called smart appliances. With EION software, manufacturers can build next-generation network solutions that are faster, more secure and more reliable. EION’s portfolio includes routing software (IPv4, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, RIP, RTM, MRTM), MPLS based software (MPLS, LDP, CRLDP, RSVP), Traffic Engineering portfolio (OSPF-TE, RSVP-TE, DiffServ/QoS), and System Management software (SNMP, CLI, Web Management). The integrated software platforms and hardware based reference systems assist OEMs to rapidly develop and test their products with performance benchmarks. EION software works in industry leading operating systems such as: VxWorks, Linux, QNX, OSE, and Solaris.

Ideal for Wireless ISPs, LAN extensions, campus and hospital networking, oil/mining exploration and remote community networking, the EION Tidal family delivers robust, secure and reliable wireless access.  With increased network capacity, security, IP Services and network/user management, the Tidal family has proven ROI for any customer.

"With the Hifn processor, EION has increased its wireless security offerings from the RF physical layer through the IP services layers 2&3 right through to the application layer.  IPsec VPN support offers completely managed, encrypted and secure data movement.  End-to-end wireless security is now available.  This is critical for EION's tele-health, defense, and video surveillance solutions," commented Harry Silverstone, Director of Business and Technology Development with EION.

"Hifn's 8350 security processor delivers a high-performance IPsec subsystem for EION's broadband gateway products," says Bob Doud, product line director of Hifn Inc.   "This security engine not only delivers multi-gigabit throughput, but also reduces EION's time-to-market due to its comprehensive implementation of the IPsec security protocol."

The HIPP III 8350 provides a complete IPsec security solution, combining inbound and outbound Policy processing, SA (Security Association), lookup & context handling, and packet formatting wtihin a single chip.  The 8350 supports all the leading cryptographic algorithms: DES/3DES-CBC, AES-CBC, AES-CTR, MD5, SHA-1, and XCBC-MAC.   The 8350 is backed with comprehensive software suites, including the IPsec IKE stack.

IPsec processing is performed by the 8350 at 4 Gbps, with one million packets per second performance with varying SAs.  In production today, the HIPP III 8350 is manufactured using the .13-micron process and utilizes 324 LBGA packaging.


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About EION
EION provides the broadest line of IP solutions for data and voice over satellite, wired, and wireless networks. EION is an industry leader in delivering mission-critical IP solutions for Telecom and Defense equipment manufacturers. EION has the world's leading IP solution portfolio that enables: Routing (IPv4, IPv6), Security, Quality of Service (QoS), MPLS, and related embedded IP technologies for satellite, wired and wireless networks. Over 120 equipment manufacturers already incorporate EION's real-time embedded software globally.
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