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Dr. Kalai Kalaichelvan

Dr. Kalai Kalaichelvan founded EION in 2001, and has since grown the business to become a world leader in IP software and wireless networking solutions.   He was the Chairman and co-founder of iPine Networks prior to its acquisition by Nakina Systems.  Dr. Kalaichelvan brings over 20 years of experience in the communications industry in business and technology leadership.   For his entrepreneurial innovation, CATA Alliance and National Research Council honored him with Innovator of the Year 2004 Award.   He is currently the only Canadian member on the Advisory Board of Samsung Electronics, Seoul, Korea.

Prior to founding EION, he held the position of Vice President in Nortel Networks in the wireless and carrier networking division.  Dr. Kalai Kalaichelvan holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. from the University of Toronto.

Terry Curtis

Mr. Terry Curtis

Mr. Terry Curtis has worked in the telecommunications and computing industries for 40 years. He brings outstanding management experience, product development and strategic and operational ICT expertise in implementing e-governance in the global enterprise Nortel Networks. He is one of the pioneering contributors to Nortel Networks’ leadership in Digital switching Technology revolution. His ICT experience and digital governance expertise spans the global reach of Nortel Networks’ operations and logistics’. Terry currently holds the position of President of EION Inc. managing the strategic alliances.

During his 36 years with Nortel Networks and its former incarnations, Northern Electric, Bell-Northern Research and Northern Telecom, Terry as a Vice President was involved in many aspects of the company’s growth.  These included Information Technology including Nortel’s internal e-governance, optical components development, silicon components development, computer aided design, S/W development and telecommunications systems development. 

Mr. Curtis holds a Masters of Engineering from the University of Ottawa and is a Professional Engineer

Rama Munikoti

Dr. Rama Munikoti

Dr. Rama Munikoti joined EION at its inception after a distinguished career of over 20 years in telecommunications industry. He brings with him Unique expertise in the areas of Quality and Reliability of Software and Hardware, innovative tools and processes for Quality Software development, University R&D and organizational leadership development.

As the VP of Engineering in EION, he has been instrumental in initiating and executing technology and product development processes. He spearheaded the development and deployment of EION’s ultra- rugged broadband wireless networks in the remote and underserved regions of Latin America. He is widely acknowledged authority on Software Quality and Reliability Engineering and serves on the advisory boards of Software R&D Labs in many universities. While at Nortel, he earned 3 prestigious “Presidents Awards of Excellence” for his contributions to product quality and reliability.

Dr. Munikoti holds a Ph.D in Communication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He has published over 30 technical papers and holds 2 patents.

Anand Srinivasan

Dr. Anand Srinivasan

Dr. Srinivasan is EION's expert and technical leader in IP communications and networking technology and is the key contributor to EION's success in building advanced IP protocols and products with high availability and fault tolerance. With his unique expertise in the areas of systems, reliability, data networks and optimization, Dr. Srinivasan was instrumental in architecting and leading development teams to bring Traffic Engineering and QoS into EION's MPLS and IP based protocols.

In his work with EION, Dr. Srinivasan is presently engaged in leading the technology, product development and deployment of WiFi, WiMax, Adhoc and satellite based products. He is actively collaborating research and technology development with CITO, CSA, NCIT, Precarn, Carleton University, University of Ottawa and University of Victoria with several published papers in refereed conferences and journals.

Prior to joining EION, Dr. Srinivasan was with Nortel Networks managing a team in the areas of high availability, fairness and congestion control. He also worked on product performance of speech recognition products and wireless and DSL products. Dr. Srinivasan holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. from the University of Victoria, British Columbia. He has several patent submissions and the distinction of serving on numerous research panels.