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System Software

Operating Systems

EION’s Common System Plane provides a perfect environment for developing high-performance communication software on a variety of operating systems. It simplifies the development of network applications and services that use inter-process communication, vent de-multiplexing, explicit dynamic linking and concurrency.

The Common System Plane provides low-level system services to other frameworks and includes an Operating System Abstraction Layer (OSAL) to provide a router controller and platform independence. The OSAL supports POSIX compliant operating systems and other general purpose and real-time operating systems. The main services provided include configuration management, thread management, memory pool management, logging, message queue and synchronization.

Some of the operating systems supported by EION’s Common System Plane are:

  • Solaris
  • VxWorks
  • OSE
  • Linux
  • QNX
  • Nucleus
  • Other proprietary RTOS


EION’s solutions seamlessly work with EION’s Forwarding Plane APIs to give the customer total flexibility to choose various processor families from vendors such as Intel, Motorola, AMCC, Broadcom, IBM, Vitesse and Znyx Networks.

EION supports among other chipsets, the following network processors, general processors, microprocessors, switch fabric and Ethernet Adapters:

  • Intel – IXP 1200, IXP 2800, IXP 425 and Ix86
  • Motorola – C-Port C-5/E, C-Port M5, MC68xxx, MPC604
  • AMCC – nP3400, nP7120, nP7510
  • Broadcom – BCM58xx, BCM5670/90
  • IBM – PowerNP NP e405, CMOS 5S, PowerPC 740/750, PowerPC 604
  • Vitesse – IQ 2000
  • Znyx Networks – ZX 34x, ZX 37x