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EION Leading-Edge Networking Solutions

EION is the only leading global networking vendor offering a feature-rich, portable, high-performance, platform-independent IP enabled software solution and, EION delivers full-featured network protocol support for IP infrastructure applications.

The routing market is quickly shifting from a model based largely on IP in routers to one based on pushing IP functionality –including routing – to the edge of the network on a variety of platforms.

EION software suite enables IP based applications and supports them on both traditional and emerging types of network platforms. It delivers the high-performance, platform independent routing required to support advances in the high-performance Internet. Customers can free themselves from closed-box, proprietary approaches of the past and can now incorporate proven, Internet-hardened IP software technologies into their products.

You can leverage the knowledge of highly skilled EION developers and benefit from the extensive expertise EION has developed as a leader in high-performance, high-reliability network software.

You can support enhanced network applications, such as QoS, security, and policy management. EION supports leading routing protocols, including:

EION offers additional, high-value added infrastructure specific applications, including:

EION also offers many more modules for enabling a whole and complete routing solution for all your networking requirements. EION incorporates the latest networking standards and provides an upgrade path to ensure long-term interoperability and increase the time-in market for your products.

You can simplify your make/buy decisions and leverage expertise and proven interoperability from EION to further accelerate the introduction of new products. You can reduce development risks and safely benefit from a complete, off-the-shelf solution that can be easily and seamlessly customized for the unique requirements of each platform, application, or service. For the first time, developers can take control of your own destinies and gain freedom from the limitations imposed by traditional, proprietary architectures.

EION delivers a common look-and-feel for the implementation, operation, management, and evolution of IP software infrastructure via standards-based interfaces and common programming languages such as C, C++, and Java. Developers can quickly incorporate high-performance IP networking across a wide range of products that are configured and managed using familiar interfaces. You can control and manage these platforms using EION Command Line Interface (CLI) and/or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).