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EION Leading-Edge Networking Solutions

OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)
EION OSPF is a high-performance portable link state routing protocol piecing together information from all routers and calculate the shortest path.

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)

EION BGP offers tremendous network stability and high performance with scalability to over one Million routes.

RIP (Routing Information Protocol)

EION Open IP Environment RIP module exchanges information with adjacent routers required to compute “best” routes through the network.

IS-IS (Intermediate System-to- Intermediate System)

EION Open IP Environment Intermediate System to Intermediate System is an International Standards Organization (ISO) protocol that provides dynamic routing between routers.

DVMRP (Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol)
EION Open IP Environment Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMRP) module dynamically generates IP Multicast delivery trees and enables forwarding of multicast packets along these multicast tree branches.


EION Open IP Environment IPv4 module is used in interconnected systems of packet-switched computer communication networks.

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

EION MPLS module is a high-performance fault tolerant implementation of the label switching capability mechanism based on industry standards. The flexibility of SION-MPLS allows the equipment vendors to rapidly deliver MPLS enabled solutions with carrier-class robustness.

M-RTM (Multicast Routing Table Management)

M-RTM provides efficient, scalable and flexible routing table support for multicast Routing Protocols. The module enables the integration of additional multicast Routing Protocols by using queues and messages.

RPS (Routing Policy System Working Group)

EION Open IP Environment RPS manages configured policy information and provides a consistent interface to all RPAs.

IGMPv3 (Internet Group Management Protocol)

EION-IGMPv3 protocol is a portable software module that implements
the IP Multicasting capability as an option to TCP/IP stack. It facilitates
hosts and routers to participate in multicast network groups.

PIM/SM (Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode)

EION PIM/SM provides the Multicast IP Sparse Mode protocol for routing multicast packets to multicast groups. It is designed to efficiently establish distribution trees across wide area networks where multicast groups are thinly populated across a large region.

U-RTM (Unicast Routing Table Manager)

EION Open IP Environment U-RTM is a transparent and portable software module that services the routing protocols by providing a common Routing Table. A management interface is included for adding, modifying, deleting, and querying route entries.