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System Services
    Common System Plane
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EION Leading-Edge Networking Solutions

Common System Plane (CSP)
EION Common System Plane (CSP) offers a seamless high-speed interface to various RTOS. Total flexibility to port to proprietary and new Operating Systems.

Forwarding Engine (FE)

EION Open IP Environment Forwarding Engine (FE) receives and forwards Protocol Data Units (PDUs) through network interfaces based on a forwarding table that provides the best route to the packet destination.

Forwarding Plane Interface (FPI)

EION Open IP Environment FPI is a module that acts as the access point for all Open IP Environment protocols and applications that interact with a forwarding engine.

Command Line Interface (CLI)
EION CLI is an industry familiar command line interface delivering a command set for a common user interface for device management for the Open IP Environment Framework and across other third party products.