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Engineering Consulting
Support and Maintenance

A distinguishing feature of EION’s industry-leading solutions is a comprehensive set of customer-focused services designed to maximize your ROI and R&D effectiveness. From implementation support to our customer certification process, EION’s IP networking software experts work directly with you to provide the guidance, support, training and resources necessary to accelerate ROI, maximize R&D effectiveness, optimize product performance, and ensure end-user success.

Engineering Consulting Services

Our most successful customers use EION’s consulting services to assist them with a complete integration of IP software in their products, including porting to multiple product environments, system architecture development, implementation planning, and support for rapid development methodology.

Education Services

EION Education provides technical training to EION customers, enabling our customers to fully realize the potential of EION software and maximizing their ROI.

Support and Maintenance Services

EION’s unparalleled customer care includes industry-recognized technical support and documentation. Through product updates, support programs, and a comprehensive self-service customer support web site EION ensures the success of your product development.