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Randomized Resource Allocation Algorithms to Support Multimedia Services

EION Inc. Technical Paper Series


With the rapid development of the Internet technology and the resulting multimedia applications, it is essential to handle network failures such that network disruption is minimized and communication reliability is guaranteed. One key technology to increase the communication reliability is to provision a disjoint backup path. In case the working path fails, traffic can be routed through a backup path. During the design and configuration of backup path, bandwidth efficiency is one of the desirable features to be considered. In this paper, a scalable and robust distributed backup path bandwidth allocation algorithm is proposed to tackle the issue of bandwidth efficiency as well as guaranteeing the reliability feature. This is done by analyzing the relationship between the amount of allocated backup bandwidth and link failure probability of each link in the network. Simulation results show that this probability-based algorithm is more efficient in terms of connection-rejection-rate and total-bandwidth-consumption compared to the generic approach of allocating a backup path without considering the link failure probability. This new algorithm works well under both single and multiple failures scenarios. It does not require global state information and can be implemented in a distributed manner.

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