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A Distributed Probability-Based Backup Resource Allocation Algorithm for Network Reliability

40th Annual IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2005)

Seoul, Korea
May 16-20, 2005


With the rapid development of the Internet technology, it is essential to handle network failures such that network disruption is minimized and communication reliability is guaranteed. In this paper, a new distributed backup resource allocation algorithm is proposed to tackle the issue of bandwidth efficiency as well as to support guaranteed network reliability. This feature is achieved by analyzing the relationship between the amount of allocated backup resource and the failure probability of each link in the network, therefore this proposal works consistently against multiple-failures. This algorithm does not require the global link state information and thus can be implemented in a distributed manner. Furthermore, the "SRLG protection" and the reliability distribution policies are incorporated into this scheme efficiently. Joint consideration of these issues is supposed to achieve a better performance in a large scale network which has been verified by performing a set of simulations during the research.

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