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Hierarchical QOS for Guaranteed Multimedia Service Over Satellite Networks

EION paper presented at ASTRO 2006

Montreal, Canada
April, 2006


Today, many have attempted to provide multimedia services using IP over Satellite communication infrastructure. The traffic complexity and real-time constraints of the multimedia services pose challenges to guarantee the delivery of packets end-to-end. This challenge is enhanced when we take the network dynamics into account. At present, Quality of Service (QoS) in the routerís forwarding plane provides traffic differentiation capability in the traditional terrestrial networks. While the same QoS concepts can be borrowed and implemented in the ground terminals, the satellites presently do not have the capability to understand and respect the packet differentiation done by ground terminals and carry forward that differentiation end-to-end. Hence networks with implementation of QoS only in Ground terminals presently exist. In this paper, we will clearly show that partial implementation of QoS in a satellite based network cannot provide multimedia service guarantee. To solve this, we introduce a new concept for satellite-based networks, namely Hierarchical QoS (H-QoS), and evaluate the multimedia traffic performance on satellite-based networks with and without H-QoS. We will clearly show that with H-QoS, we achieve better multimedia throughput. In addition, we will provide compelling reasons with performance evidence that future satellites be designed with advanced QoS features and control feedback mechanisms, to support end-to-end multimedia traffic with service guarantees.