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Adaptive Power Allocation For Multiple Beam Satellite Systems

Paper submitted to IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference.

Washington, D.C., USA
23-30 November, 2007


Presently, most of the commercial satellites have the ability to support multiple spot beams enabling services to diverse geographical region. With the expansion into Ka band, high-bandwidth data communications through satellite is becoming feasible, economical and popular. Although satellites launched recently have multiple reflectors, they do not have the capability to vary bandwidth between the spot-beams. In addition, it is not possible to enhance the capacity by altering the spot-beam radius to concentrate on a narrow customer base. Innovative QoS techniques and adaptive power and rate control techniques for satellite communication systems over time-varying satellite channels have been applied to achieve an order of magnitude or more data throughputs. In this paper, we formulate the power allocation optimization problem of multiple spot beam satellite systems. We employ the heuristic search method to find the appropriate Lagrange multiplier so that the optimal power allocation is achieved based on the different traffic demands from multiple spot beams while satisfying individual Service Level Agreements (SLA). We present simulation results and demonstrate that the proposed adaptive power allocation algorithm not only makes optimal use of the limited satellite resources, but also adapt to the fluctuation of traffic demands.

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