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Analysis on Mobile WiMAX Security

Paper submitted to 2009 IEEE Toronto International Conference Science and Technology for Humanity TIC-STH 2009

September 26-27, 2009
Ryerson University, 245 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Security support is mandatory for any communication networks. For wireless systems, security support is even more important to protect the users as well as the network. Since wireless medium is available to all, the attackers can easily access the network and the network becomes more vulnerable for the user and the network service provider. In the existing research, there is lack of integrated presentation of solutions to all the security issues of mobile WiMAX network, which is important for researchers and practitioners. This paper discusses all the security issues in both point-to-multipoint and mesh network and discusses their solutions. In addition, a new recommendation is also proposed for one of the security issues.

To obtain a copy of this technical paper, download here: Analysis on Mobile WiMAX Security